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Deconstructing ham

Jamón y mucho más

Estas son las ilustraciones de Kentaro para la Web App de JoselitoLab . En ellas se refleja el espíritu del proyecto; innovar, interpretar y recrear un producto tradicional para llevarlo a límites insospechados…

Yotsume Toji

Reviewing the old and knowing the new

A "pouch book". The pages, with the folded edge to the outside and the open edges sewn together at the spine, has the form of a bag. The literal translation of the Japanese name is simply "four eyes". Many of the Japanese pouch books have for holes (yotsume).

This style of bookbinding was used in Japan during the Edo period, and it was commonly used for cheap novels and romances.

Detail of the project

Yotsume Toji bookbinding technique

Virtual satisfaction

Stereoscopic solidarity project

Do we need to have things to make us happy? Very often we enjoy ourselves just looking at them.


Detail of the project

3D glasses

A pack talks

The packaging of yesterday, today and tomorrow

What happens when some sort of container enters the house? It becomes an everyday element of our domestic environment and ends up being part of our lives.

Soon you will know more about this project!

Illustrations by Judit Rigau

Annick cake shop

Type of project: Identity

Sector: Gastronomy

Client: Annick

Annick treats each cake as unique. So Judit also based her design proposal on this, and created a modular network inspired in one of the features which gives the shop much of its personality: the shelves.