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Identity of the Ferrer Group

2005 - Present

A major challenge

Collaborating with a company as important as Ferrer has been, from the beginning, a challenge and an opportunity for us to apply the brand vision and philosophy across the board, from the logo to the needs of different companies which are part of this major corporation.

The group's change of image meant reaffirming the values of innovation and modernity which are its characteristics, and stressed its consideration for the health and welfare of people. 



Other projects for Ferrer:

Ferrer Visual Identity

Protextrem online - ofline campaign


Campaña Protextrem

Campaña Mosiguard

OTC Antipiojos identity

Repavar website

Protextrem Website

OTC Antipiojos packaging

Publicity campaign for OTC head lice treatment

Protextrem awareness campaign

Repavar branding

Neopic packaging

Ferrer internal communication

Redesign of Gelocatil packaging

Repavar Packaging

× Close project

Design of the Ferrer Group logo

The change of image reflects the innovative talent of Ferrer

The calendar. A word for each month

Creativity for 12 corporate cards: a year to...

Today the brand is included in the smallest details

Ferrer InCode brand on packaging

Signs on the offices

A large sign on the wall of one of the factories

Hangings for the offices: Making People Better